What's happening behind the scenes while you're waiting in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre

Posted: January 3, 2020

A video message from our Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centre team


Natalie Lawrence, Matron of the Emergency Department at the Great Western Hospital, shares what's happening behind the scenes while we wait in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre.

The two work together as one big team.

Patients with more minor conditions are initially seen by the Urgent Care team and those with more critical conditions remain in the Emergency Department.

We may move you, if your condition is found to be more or less critical than initially thought.

If you are moved, please know that you have not moved to the back of the queue, you are just moving closer towards getting the right treatment.

Different assessments and diagnoses need to happen before we can make a decision about your treatment.

If you're waiting a long time after your initial assessment, this is because we're treating patients with more critical or life-threatening conditions.

Further information

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