Look out for NHS heroes on roads around Swindon

Posted: July 27, 2017

Buses and billboards to feature stars of recruitment campaign

Recruitment bus advert 400Stars of Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's new recruitment campaign are popping up on buses and billboards across Swindon as the drive to bring new faces to the NHS continues. 

Real-life doctors and nurses, along with occupational therapists, midwives and admin staff, have lent their faces to the campaign that highlights the diverse range of career opportunities available at the Great Western Hospital and in the community teams across Swindon.

The stars of the campaign, who were previously featured on a set of eight unique posters, can now be seen on two of the town's biggest billboards, as well as on the back of Thamesdown's fleet of buses. 

It's hoped that by putting these familiar faces out and about in Swindon, local people will be encouraged to think about the Trust when looking for that new career or next step in their current profession. 

The visual adverts, which have been on display since the middle of July, are supported by a series of short radio commercials that hightlight the many different career paths available within the health service in Swindon. 

Pop pickers should keep an ear out for the adverts when listening to the local stations of Heart and Smooth FM. 

This is the first time that Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has used a targeted multimedia approach to recruitment and it's hoped the campaign will strike a chord with anyone who may have thought a career in the health service was not for them.

Oonagh Fitzgerald, Director of Human Resources, said: "We want people to know we're recruiting and that we'd love to hear from them.

"Our approach to this campaign has been to showcase our staff as the stars of our organisation and staff from across the Trust have been involved from day one.

"Above all else our staff said a career with us offers the kind of rewards and satisfaction that can't be matched. 

"What we do makes an enormous, often life changing, difference to so many people. It's a unique selling point that sets us apart from almost every other employer.

"New staff will be warmly welcomed into our friendly and supportive teams."

The Trust website, which can be used as a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to find out more about working at GWH or in the Swindon community, has also been rebranded to mark the campaign launch.

It now features the unique stories of how each of the stars of the campaign came to work for the Trust - from what it was that first inspired them to look towards a career in healthcare to the route they took to land the job they'd always wanted.

Emergency Department Consultant, Dr Stephen Haig is just one of the faces of the new campaign.

He said: "When it was time to start thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, doctor was near the top of the list.

"I first came to the Great Western Hospital as a trainee registrar and, from day one, I knew there was something special about the place - both the staff and the patients helped to make each day memorable."

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