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As an extension to our work experience programme, we also run the 'Dare to Doctor', 'Dare to Nurse' and 'Dare to Deliver' programmes during the summer.

These are invitations to Year 12 students to shadow doctors, midwives and nurses on the wards, learn about basic clinical skills and gain support for medical school interviews.

They typically include classroom-based activities, talks and visits, rather than more conventional work experience concentrating on a particular job or department.

Dare to Doctor

This is a three-day course in early July - please see Doctors of tomorrow see how it's done at GWH.

It's aimed at students aged 17 and over who wish to apply to Medical School.

Applicants are from local schools and colleges and should ideally have six A* GCSE grades including Maths and sciences; and three A* AS levels which must include Maths and sciences.

Successful students will have opportunities to learn basic clinical and resuscitation skills.

They will shadow staff in clinical areas, watch live theatre via video link, and receive advice for UCAS/interview techniques and practices etc.

Interested students can attend an Open Evening (usually in April) run by a clinical teaching fellow, where they can watch mini clinical films, use basic medical equipment and take part in question and answer sessions.

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