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School and college students can get a taste of life in the NHS with our work experience programme. 

Every year, around 400 young people join teams at the Great Western Hospital and elsewhere around Swindon to see for themselves what it means to be employed by the NHS.

How it works

Our work experience programmes take place with both clinical and non-clinical teams are are designed for students who are in Year 10 and at least 14 years old. 

Placements are usually short and last no longer than a week, although extensions can be made for certain students with an interest in a particular area. 


Work experience opportunities are limited but extremely popular, so it's a good idea for anyone interested in joining us to get in touch well in advance, usually four to six months. 

Applications can be made by downloading the work experience application form and emailing it to

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For more information, speak to the Work Experience team on 01793 604442 or email

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