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Our current vacancies, including Apprenticeships, are published on NHS Jobs ( > Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).

But there are many other ways of beginning your career with us.

Join the NHS as a healthcare assistant

If you're not in a position to study full time, an alternative is to apply to join the NHS first, and study part time while you work.

Many of our staff have built their careers in this way - you might be surprised how far this can take you.

Become an apprentice

Apprentices are employed by the Trust, but continue their education (e.g. towards QCF Level 2, QCF Level 3 or Foundation Degree) at the same time.

Each apprenticeship will take between one and two years, depending on the level.

The successful completion of an apprenticeship will often lead to a permanent NHS role.

For more details please see Apprenticeships.

Switch from another healthcare role

Many of the qualities required in a particular role are transferable to other similar jobs.

If you already work in healthcare, consider applying for a different job in the NHS - we value previous experience and expertise, so you might be just the person we're looking for.

Follow on from your full time studies

Some of the careers in the NHS require formal qualifications - e.g. a degree from a university.

The entry requirements for each degree course may differ depending on the university.

Try it for yourself

A great way to find out whether you might be suited to a career in the NHS is to try it for yourself.

We have a wide-ranging work experience programme - offering you the chance to spend up to a week actually doing the job.

For full details please see Work experience.

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