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Working on the Trust's Bank (our internal 'employment agency') offers a flexible way of working - giving you the opportunity to choose how often and when you work.

Many of our Bank workers find temporary working more suitable to their lifestyle and needs.

Bank working could be your main role or a secondary role.

Benefits of working on the Bank

  • Flexible working arrangements can help to achieve a better work/life balance
  • It can be an opportunity to return to work gradually after a break
  • You might find work in an area where there are currently no permanent vacancies
  • You can earn some extra money
  • You can gain more skills and experience

How to apply  

If you would like to discuss joining the Bank, please contact us:


Please phone either of these numbers:

  • 01793 604163
  • 01793 604415
  • 01793 605996
  • 01793 604417
  • 01793 605997

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