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Apprenticeships are a great way to launch a successful and rewarding career in the NHS.

Split between workplace and classroom, they provide a fantastic opportunity to earn and learn at the same time.

A wide range of apprenticeships are available at the Great Western Hospital, in both clinical and non-clinical areas. 

More than 100 apprentices are currently employed with us, with each one using the expertise of our senior members of staff to benefit their work towards gaining a formal qualification. 

We currently offer apprenticeships in areas such as finance, recruitment, business administration and sexual health. 


Our apprentices earn a minimum of £125 per week - a reason why many young people favour apprenticeships over more traditional education routes, such as college or university. 

As well as a regular income, there's a £500 bursary for successfully completing the course and a free bus pass to cover travel costs. 

An apprenticeship also looks great on a CV and can help applications stand out from the rest as many employers favour candidates who can show they have genuine workplace experience. 

How to apply

All our apprenticeship opportunities are advertised on the NHS Jobs website -

If you'd like more information before you apply, speak to our Recruitment Team on 01793 604983 or email

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