Our values

A group of staff from across the hospital and community have been working together to develop refreshed organisational values.

The group includes staff from a range of different job roles and levels (both clinical and non-clinical) across the organisation.

The group researched staff and patient views to ensure that our refreshed values reflect the aspirations and thoughts of our staff and customers.

Tania Currie, Divisional Director of Nursing, and responsible for leading the project said:

"Our values and their associated behaviours describe how every patient, every member of staff and everyone else that we come into contact with as part of our daily work can expect to be treated.

"They establish a clear way of working so that every member of staff provides the same high quality care and customer service."


STAR: Service, Teamwork, Ambition, Respect

The new values are represented by the word STAR and four simple but powerful words:

  • Service - We will put our customers first
  • Teamwork - We will work together
  • Ambition -We will aspire to provide the best service
  • Respect - We will act with integrity

Each value has associated behaviours and skills to ensure that each member of staff provides the same high quality care and level of customer service.

The STAR values are embedded into all people management activities including:

  • Recruitment
  • Promotion
  • Induction
  • Performance management
  • Recognition schemes
  • Learning and development

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