Staff Profile: Occupational Therapy Assistants, Acute Wards

Posted: November 9, 2017

Meet Hope Swift and Annette Webb on day four of Occupational Therapy Week 2017

photo 1Therapists at the Great Western Hospital are raising awareness of Occupational Therapy Week by giving an insight into their jobs and the different departments and locations in which they work, from Monday 6 November.

Throughout the week, staff will be gracing the Trust's social media accounts and website with personal insights into the profession, finishing the week off with how keen Swindon residents can kick-start their careers in Occupational Therapy.

What's on during Occupational Therapy Week?

What are Occupational Therapy Assistants?

"The Occupational Therapy Assistant role is varied, dynamic, and offers real career progression with the teams at the Trust.

"The role offers practical, on-the-job training and the chance to work with people from all walks of life.

"Staff can also develope skills in Physiotherapy as there a Rehabilitation Assistant.

"Therapy Assistant roles within the Great Western Hospital offer a large number of training and development opportunities ranging from the Care Certificate right through to the Occupational Therapy Apprenticeship, which the Trust are aiming to start within the next year.

"The team also offer the opportunity for people to come for work experience and a number of our previous assistants took this opportunity before applying for their posts.

"If anyone is thinking about a career in Occupational Therapy and is unsure how to go about it, then please get in touch."

To arrange work experience in Occupational Therapy at GWH, get in touch with the Trust on Facebook.

Hope Swift, Occupational Therapy Assistant

tues - acute"I had worked within the healthcare industry for a number of years and have always enjoyed working with people.

"I was attracted to the Occupational Therapy Assistant role with the Acute Team as I was keen to increase my skills and it provided me with a new challenge and opportunity to develop.

"I have always been interested in Occupational Therapy and saw this as an opportunity to work within the profession and give me career longevity and opportunities.

"I really enjoy my role within the busy hospital environment and having the opportunity to be part of a really supportive team.

"I work with all different types of people, patients and families as well as a huge range of different professionals.

"I would really recommend becoming an Occupational Therapy assistant for anyone who would like to get into this profession as it provides fantastic opportunities for learning, development and progression."  

Annette Webb, Occupational Therapy Assistant

"I worked as a Physiotherapy Assistant for 13 years and although I enjoyed my role I was keen to develop and expand my skills and knowledge.

"I have always admired the Occupational Therapy ethos and wanted to become a more rounded Therapy assistant by taking a more holistic approach.

"I have always worked within the hospital environment and enjoy the fast pace and variety it offers. I love being able to get patients home from hospital and having to think on my feet and problem solve." 

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