Staff profile: Front Door Team

Posted: November 7, 2017

Meet the Front Door Team on day two of Occupational Therapy Week 2017

photo 1Therapists at the Great Western Hospital are raising awareness of Occupational Therapy Week by giving an insight into their jobs and the different departments and locations in which they work, from Monday 6 November.

Throughout the week, staff will be gracing the Trust's social media accounts and website with personal insights into their professions, finishing the week off with how keen Swindon residents can kick-start their careers in Occupational Therapy.

What's on during Occupational Therapy Week?

Front Door Team

One staff member's perspective

"For over ten years GWH has had an Occupational Therapist in the Emergency Department (ED) to reduce hospital admissions and to support frontline emergency services.

"Access to an occupational therapy assessment at the hospital front door cuts admissions and discharge delays, reducing the time patients spend in hospital unnecessarily.

"Within GWH this service is known as the Front Door Team. I have been an Occupational Therapist within this service supporting ED, ED observation, Linnet and Kingfisher as part of a multi-professional team.

"Being able to support patient and families to problem-solve, develop solutions and strategies to support themselves at home within the time constraints of the Front Door wards provides me with new challenges every day.

"I am able to use a core OT skill of problem solving to support patients to remain at home provides me with the drive within my job to manage the pressure in a noisy and changeable environment."

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