Staff Profile: Acute Occupational Therapy Team

Posted: November 7, 2017

Meet the Acute Occupational Therapy Team on day two of Occupational Therapy Week 2017

Therapists at the Great Western Hospital are raising awareness of Occupational Therapy Week by giving an insight into their jobs and the different departments and locations in which they work, from Monday 6 November.

Throughout the week, staff will be gracing the Trust's social media accounts and website with personal insights into their professions, finishing the week off with how keen Swindon residents can kick-start their careers in Occupational Therapy.

What's on during Occupational Therapy Week?

Acute Occupational Therapy Team

tues - acute"The Acute Occupational Therapy team cover all the medical and surgical wards within the Great Western Hospital.

"Acute is a fast-paced, exciting and demanding environment to work in and really utilises our problem-solving and clinical reasoning skills.

"In this area Occupational Therapists experience a huge range of physical conditions, ages, social needs and mental health needs. Our assessments and treatment plans can include kitchen, personal care, manual handling, transfer and mobility, equipment including accessing specialist equipment, cognitive, pressure care needs, splinting and wheelchairs. We work alongside Physiotherapy and Social Work staff as well as teams on the wards.

"Our main goal is to enable patients to be discharged from hospital in a timely manner, to the most appropriate place for their immediate needs. We also work closely with the Community therapy teams to identify and refer patients who may have longer term needs to be met outside of hospital.

"It can be a very demanding but rewarding place to work, especially when we see patients leave after recovering from their illnesses. It is wonderful to be able to use our skills to support someone to leave the hospital in the safest possible way.

"One of the great things about our service is the team itself. We have a wonderful, supportive, skilled, passionate and extremely hardworking staff who often go above and beyond for their patients and each other. They are a real asset to GWH and are well respected by their colleagues."


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