Members get more from their local NHS

Posted: November 29, 2017

Join today and have a say on how services are run

People in Swindon can get more from the health service they pay for by becoming a member of their local NHS trust. 
As a member, people will receive regular news and updates about what's happening within Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, as well as an invite to the Annual Members Meeting, where the Board of Directors give an update on the successes and challenges of the last year.
Anyone over 12 can become a member, with those applying then able to have their say on how services are run at the Great Western Hospital and in other locations across Swindon.
Best of all, members can also benefit from the same offers and discounts that many local and national stores and restaurants offer to actual NHS staff.
Carole Nicholl, Director of Governance and Assurance, said: "Our Trust has a thriving membership, with more than 12,000 already signed up but we're keen to get as many people as possible on board.
"As a Foundation Trust, we are accountable to our members, meaning anyone signing up can question us - the Trust Board - on any aspect of our service they feel particularly passionate about.
"There are no compulsory commitments either, with members able to get involved in as much or as little Trust business as they like, which will hopefully allow even the busiest of people to join us."
Membership is available to all people over the age of 12 and who live in one of the Trust's seven constituencies - Swindon, North Wiltshire, Central Wiltshire, Southern Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire or Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset. 
Members aged 18 and over can also choose to become a governor of the Trust, with elections for the vacant governor seats taking place as and when positions become available.
Governors play a vital role in the running of the Trust and have a number of important duties to carry out, such as appointing the Chairman, approving the Trust constitution, raising issues on behalf of other members and having a say on the future plans of the organisation.
To become a member, people can complete the form on the Trust website or write to the Trust and request a paper copy to complete.
The address to write to is: Membership Office, the Great Western Hospital, Freepost (RRKZ-KAYR-YRRU), Swindon, SN3 6BB.
For more information, visit

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