GWH street flooring replacement

Posted: October 20, 2017

Ground floor corridor floors to be replaced overnight

Staff at GWH should be aware that the ground floor corridor flooring will be replaced in sections over the coming weeks.

The flooring replacement will take place on weekdays and aims to start after visiting hours but these plans may change as the work starts.

The work will begin on Monday 23 October for six to eight weeks, subject to delays and other circumstances.

It will be replaced overnight (from around 9pm until 6am) and there should be minimal disruption to patients and staff, although there may be some loud noise.

There will be signs onsite to remind staff and visitors when work is taking place.

The first section will be replaced on the evening of Monday 23 October will be near the exterior doors into the North Entrance.

Some doors may be cordoned off to prevent pedestrian access so try to prepare in advance if this could affect your route to work.

Please see the floor plan for more information.




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