Getting a clearer view of the work of radiographers

Posted: November 7, 2017

Celebrating World Radiography Day on 8 November

Radiographers at the Great Western Hospital will be giving people a closer look into the world of X-rays, scans and ultrasounds this week in celebration of World Radiography Day.
The now annual occasion is a chance for the men and women who look through patients to turn the tables and show others what it's like inside one of the NHS' most essential services.
More than 150 members of staff work in the radiology department at GWH and with the team caring for patients around the clock and across seven days, it's one area of the hospital that's always running.
In an average year, the team carries out almost 250,000 different patient examinations, ranging from MRI scans and mammograms to ultrasounds and CT scans, with nearly half that total coming from X-rays alone.
The busy team provide vital imaging services to nearly every ward and department at GWH, with their heavy workload equivalent to an image being processed every two minutes.
Nicholas Taylor, Senior Radiographer, said: "There aren't many people who come into hospital and don't have at least one interaction with a radiographer - in fact, we have contact with around 90 per cent of all patients.
"We may often be in the background but without our skills and expertise, the hospital would come to a standstill as teams would be blind as to what's going on inside their patients' bodies.
"When a person hears radiology, it's easy for them to just think of X-rays and broken bones but, in reality, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
"From showing new parents the first pictures of their baby to guiding surgeons through a particularly challenging operation, radiographers are essential to nearly all aspects of modern medicine."
With the team giving support to clinicians and patients in all corners of the hospital, it is no surprise that the average radiographer can walk anything up to six miles during one working day at GWH.
World Radiography Day takes place each year on 8 November, the day in 1895 that Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-radiation.
More than 120 years later, the radiology team at GWH will be using the special anniversary to teach other staff, as well as patients and members of the public, about their work.
Visitors to the hospital will be able to find the team in the main atrium from 11am, where they will be able to ask questions about the profession and learn more about what life is like from behind the protective glass screen.
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