Endoscopy service earns national recognition

Posted: June 7, 2017

Service is awarded coveted JAG Accreditation

Great Western Hospital's Endoscopy team are celebrating after receiving
national recognition for their service.

Endoscopy team

The Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Accreditation - or
JAG - is awarded when an endoscopy service meets national standards in clinical
quality, patient safety and care, governance, workforce management and
The accreditation comes after four months of refurbishment work to transform
the Endoscopy Unit following JAG's recommendations, which include a new
reception area, more consulting rooms, dedicated patient spaces and a new staff

The Endoscopy Unit sees up to 1,000 patients every month and performs around
10,000 procedures every year, including colonoscopy, gastroscopy and flexible
sigmoidoscopy (flexi-sig).

Claire Adlam, Head of Service for Gastroenterology and Respiratory, at Great
Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: "The work on the Endoscopy Unit was
completed in March and means we now meet all the standards required for a JAG
Accreditation. It has been a long road, but getting the acknowledgement for the
work we are doing is a huge boost to the team. 

"We now have two separate reception areas within Endoscopy, one for patients
who are coming to a clinic, and the other for those who are having a procedure.
This means that not only is it easier for us to see which patients are waiting
for what, but it also gives patients more privacy when they speak to a

"We now have Booking Centre staff seated within our reception area, so it's
much easier for us to manage appointments."

The refurbishment has created five new clinic rooms, and the treatment areas
have been reconfigured to separate patients who are pre- and post- procedure
and those who are ready to be discharged, creating a better flow of patients
through the area.

There is also now a purpose built room for patients receiving an enema before
their procedure.
Staff have also seen improvements to their facilities, with a new staff room,
changing facilities and locker room installed.
Dr Ajeya Shetty, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Endoscopy Lead, said: "To
get national recognition shows we are as good as any other Endoscopy service in
the country, we deliver excellent quality and safety standards and our patient
experience is the best it can be.

"Since the work has been completed, patient flow through the department is much
better and privacy and dignity for patients has been improved.

"It's a great achievement and it's been a whole team effort. It's been a lot of
extremely hard work but it's very satisfying."

But the hard work doesn't stop there, as Dr Shetty is now looking to develop a
bowel scoping service to help detect bowel cancer earlier.

He said: "We currently offer bowel cancer screening to the over 60s where we
send out a test kit and if it comes back positive then patients come in for a

"We are working towards providing a bowel scoping service to the over 55s which
is a one-off flexi-sig, or camera test, which finds and removes any small
growths that could turn into cancer."

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