Consultant opens up on matters of the heart

Posted: February 20, 2017

Listen back to heart doctor's Valentine's radio interview

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Bill McCrea spoke with BBC Wiltshire last week for a series of programmes to mark Valentine's Day. 

The heart doctor, whose self-penned Christmas song stormed the charts last December, chatted to presenter Graham Seaman about the what the heart is, what it does and how to best to keep it ticking over.

And with it being the most romantic week of the year, Dr McCrea also said how love can play an important part in staying healthy.

He explained how a broken heart was a legitimate cause of death, especially in people who have lost loved ones.

The interviews are available to listen back to using the BBC iPlayer website and app. 

Click here to listen back to Dr McCrea's Monday segment (starts at 0:30:58) or click here for Tuesday's (starts at 0:30:28).