Consultant aims for dizzy heights with upcoming health talk

Posted: November 28, 2017

GWH doctor to give public an expert insight

A leading doctor from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon is inviting members of the public to find out more about one of life's most mysterious medical conditions.
Dr Angus Waddell, Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant, will be letting the public in on the reasons why people feel dizzy at a free talk taking place on Thursday 7 December at the hospital on Marlborough Road.
Dizziness, sometimes referred to as lightheadedness, occurs when a person feels off-balance or that their surroundings are spinning and can affect people of all ages, but especially those aged over 60.
Dr Waddell's talk, which starts at 6pm in the Academy on the lower ground floor of GWH, will cover what the condition actually is, what causes it, the treatments available and how nearly all problems related to dizziness can be linked to balance.
He said: "We know that balance can go wrong in many different ways, which can result in a wide range of symptoms such as vertigo, blacking out, imbalance and seasickness.
"Each one of those particular complaints may indicate a specific problem with one or more parts of a person's balance system."
The talk will also look at why some people experience different forms of dizziness at the same time and how treating the problem is not always as straightforward as simply prescribing a course of medication.
Dr Waddell said: "It can often be tricky to know which part of the body is causing a person to feel dizzy. As we get older, the systems inside us that are designed to keep us upright become less efficient, so knowing the difference between an actual problem and just a side effect of old age becomes harder.
"Treatment often involves physical therapy rather than surgery or medicine as dizziness is often the result of when one part of the body is out of sync or misaligned with the rest of the body."
As well as being a chance to get an expert insight into the condition, those coming along can have their questions answered by Dr Waddell during the closing Q and A session.
Light refreshments will be provided and the Brighter Futures team will also be on hand to share information on how to support the Radiotherapy Appeal.
Although booking for the free event is not essential, places can be reserved by emailing

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